Sexual Relationships


What can we learn today


  • UNDERSTAND AND RESPECT: Scientist say that if you want a deeply satisfying sexual life you need to understand and respect your spouse’s sexual like and dislikes. This is highly mutual and applies to both sides. Creating genuine intimacy requires effort and creativity.
  • GET TESTED: Sexually transmitted infections like HIV, Gonorrhoea, Syphillis are dangerous and can be fatal. One must talk to their spouse about getting tested for STIs before having sex.
  • UNHEALTHY: Know that if your spouse tries to threaten or pressure you into having sex, it can be a sign of an unhealthy relationship, and can even be considered as rape. Learn how to take action under such circumstance under Marital Rape, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault.
  • FAMILY PLANNING: For couples with children, family planning is a very good sign of a healthy relationship. Care and respect for your children is a way of respecting each other. In India, the government proposed two children per family under their family planning studies. To encourage this, a tubectomy rewards the mother Rs 500 while a vasectomy rewards the father Rs 1400!! These operations are usually reversible: if you opt for that. This leaves an option of having a child in the future. These measures do not affect your sexual activities in any way.
  • CONDOMS: Consistent and correct use of male latex condoms can reduce (though not eliminate) the risk of STD transmission. Condoms are sold in India over the counter at any pharmacy store. There is nothing shameful about buying condoms.
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  • Sex can happen only between a man and a woman: NO! Like many other species in this world, depending on your sexual orientation you can feel sexual attraction towards any other human being, or even not feel attracted to anyone at all!
  • Discussing or taking part in sexual activities are against Indian Culture: WRONG! Excavations in the Indus Valley civilization show that sex was not taboo and was accepted as a normal activity in life. India’s cultural history includes prehistoric mountain cave paintings in Ajanta, and erotic Hindu temple sculptures of Khajuraho that instil a sensitivity and emotions related to the act of sex in the mind of the viewer.
  • No Chance of STIs if one uses condoms: This is WRONG! while a condom is pretty effective for most STIs, it may not prevent some, like HIV viruses. Talk to your partner about getting tested for STIs.
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