Sexual Assault


The IPC has major shortcomings for not acknowledging that sexual assaults can be made on a person of any of the three genders by a person of any of the three genders. It also does not recognise marital rape as a criminal offence and only deals with it in civil law. At present, an incidence of rape can be inflicted by a man on a woman, who is his wife of age above 18, and it will not be considered a crime by Indian law! Even after the recommendation of the Verma Committee of 2013 that the laws against sexual assault should be made gender neutral and that marital rape should be a criminal offence, these amendments have not taken place yet. However, we acknowledge these instances as heinous crimes and are willing to help victims of these crimes with appropriate counselling and medical help.

Keep the following points in mind:

  • Memory: A traumatic experience can impact your memory. A victim may recall the event hesitantly, or may have accurate but fragmented memory of the event and experience difficulty recalling what happened in a linear fashion.
  • Emotions: In reaction to trauma, the victim may experience unexpected emotional reactions. While recalling an incident, they may remain unemotional or experience extreme emotional swings.
  • Physical response: Know that trauma can cause temporary immobility in a victim, that causes the body to freeze in situations that provoke extreme fear. Resisting or escaping for a victim experiencing this is not possible. At this point, a person experiencing trauma will not have full control over their muscle response. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY FOR NOT REACTING DURING THE INCIDENT.