Nakshatra RCC services


The services provided by Nakshatra Rape Crisis Centre

The following are some of the services provided at the RCC, set up by Nakshatra in Chennai, for victims of sexual violence.

  1. COUNSELLING: Free and confidential counselling for sexual assault survivors and their family and friends. We believe that the single most important thing for a sexual assault survivor is his or her psychological and physical health. Sometimes the kin of a survivor may also need counselling to deal with what they have been through – we can help them too.

    Contact: 0091-9003058479 and 0091-7845629339. Here are other contact information.

    You can also contact us on behalf of a victim of sexual abuse. Also, read about how you can help here.

  2. YOUTH PROGRAM: Free counselling for adolescent sexual assault survivors ages 12 to 18 years.
  3. MEDICAL AND LEGAL ADVOCACY: Free and confidential accompaniment to medical exams, law enforcement interviews, and legal proceedings. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help you with information about the many options a survivor may consider, including how to access medical care, and whether to contact the police.
  4. COMMUNITY EDUCATION AND OUTREACH: The Nakshatra RCC offers trainings and presentations to students and businesses on topics such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, and gender stereotyping.
  5. SELF DEFENSE: There is also a self-defense program designed for women, which emphasizes avoidance and teaches psychological and physical protection skills.

Most importantly, the Nakshatra RCC believes in victims of sexual violence and know that it is not the victim’s fault. We understand that each individual has to be healed in his or her own way, and we try to keep this in mind. The victim’s rights are very important to us, but at the same time we respect the victim’s feelings and choices. We will always leave you to make the final decision, and help you to carry out the decision as best as we can.