Information for Victims


The Indian laws are inadequate for all citizens of India to claim their right for justice against sexual violence. One glaring shortcoming in India is that there are hardly any laws to enforce punishment for sexual violence against men or the third gender. Most of the laws specifically state that the victims are women. Currently, many groups are demanding amendments in the laws against sexual violence to include clauses related to the citizens who are left out.

It is normal to react to the traumatic experience you have faced. Remember that IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. It is quite normal to have trouble remembering what happened coherently, or experience mood swings or not feel anything at all. Remember that different people react differently to a traumatic event. What you experienced is shocking, but what it makes you go through is NORMAL. Find out what you can do to ease the process of recovery HERE. Do not hesitate to CONTACT US for judgement-free legal, medical and counselling support.

For victims of sexual abuse or gender discrimination, who are male but over the age of 18, although the current legal situation is deplorable, you can try to contact this helpline: 8882498498. This helpline is operated by SIF.

The laws are also not well formed for adult victims of the third gender who face sexual abuse or gender discrimination. Please contact us and we will try give you legal advice as best as we can. We can definitely help you with physical and emotional recovery.

MEDICAL AID: For victims of sexual assault, the laws under section 376 of IPC and the POCSO Act state that the victims are entitled to free medical aid. For other cases of sexual violence, where medical attention is required, there are clauses that say that the court will order the perpetrator to pay for the medical aid of the victim. Under section 166B of IPC, NO MEDICAL AID CENTRE CAN REFUSE MEDICAL ATTENTION TO A VICTIM OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE. See here for details on a medical examination for a victim of sexual assault.

COUNSELLING: Most victims of sexual violence suffer psychological and mental trauma afterwards. For this reason, counselling is strongly recommended for the recovery process. Nakshatra offers free counselling for victims of sexual violence. Here are some things a victim can do when he or she is feeling at their lowest.