Acid Attacks


Acid attacks are a very serious problem in India. Women, in particular, are victims to acid attacks by spurned lovers, rejected suitors, sometimes their own husbands. It is a heinous crime, with an extremely long and painful path to recovery for the victims. Sometimes, the attacks are so vicious that the victim succumbs to her injuries.

In 2013, a Supreme Court ordering asked for tighter accounting of acid sale. Under this directive, the centre formed the Poisons Possession and Sales Rules 2013 and asked all states to ensure that any retail seller of acids must has a license for the sale, declares all his stock at regular intervals, and maintains a register with the personal information of any individual who has bought acid from the shop. Any retail shop that does not follow any of the directives will be punished with a minimum of a fine of 50,000INR and could even have the sales license cancelled. Also, sale of acid to anybody below the age of 18 is banned in India. However, there could still be tighter rules that completely ban the sale of acids to individuals.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Recovery from an acid attack may include multiple surgeries, counselling and long-term social reintegration programs. Many times, the recovery process is much more costly than you can afford. Under the Poisons Possession and Sales Rules 2013, a victim of acid attack is supposed to be compensated 3 lakh INR by the state government, with a compensation of 1 lakh INR within 15 days of the attack. However, the process in reality is extremely slow and not at all up to the mark. Acid Survivors Foundation India and Stop Acid Attacks are two of the leading organisations fighting for acid victims in India. These organisations try to help victims of acid attacks in every possible way.

Below, you can find information on legal rights of a victim of acid attack.