What My Rapist Taught Me.

Rape has never been about pleasure. It is about power and authority one gets over another. It is about taking charge, having control over a situation. It is about being able to attain what you want at any cost. It is about being able to realize your super stalking skills, your techniques to probe and collect information about your prey. It is about discovering the side of you that you thought never existed. It is about self-confidence, to be able to not judge or analyse what one has done. It is about accepting our mistakes and still standing by our misdeeds. Not letting the society bear you down with the rules and laws made to make it function. Standing tall and strong, knowing in the back of your mind that the society will help you blame and shame the one you raped. Drive them to madness with judgements spewing from all corners. Staying strong knowing that even the law will save you from jail time.

Unlike the victim, you don’t have to worry about people calling you names on social media or sharing your story. You are but gaining leverage and popularity. The filthiest lawyer will be on your side, for he has helped far worse people walk free and have a life. Oh, if you can’t afford a lawyer don’t worry. Our government will provide you with one.

You have a lot of people to thank for your achievement. Even though not many would appreciate your gratefulness, but hey, you need to pay your respects. Thank your mom for proving to you more than once that men will always be superior to women. That your dad can abuse her all he wants and it is but her duty to serve him and feed him accordingly. Thank your dad for showing you that you can get what you want by force and consent is anything but a myth. Thank your sister for letting you misuse her opportunities. Thank your friend for teaching you to stalk and encourage you every time a girl got disgusted by you. Thank movies for re-instilling faith in gender stereotypes. Proving to you time and again that men can do anything they want to a woman. Thank politicians for showing that getting away for murdering your wife in our legal system is as easy as killing an ant.

Thank the society for keeping up your hopes by ruining the life of your prey and let you continue doing so. Thank the world for creating and maintaining a false notion that we are indeed safe in this ruthless, hopeless world.

Lastly but most importantly, on behalf of all victims I would like to thank you for making me realize that to see a change in the scenario, I should fight hard to not let anyone like you walk free. Also, it will take a lot more people other than just me to prevent people like you from walking scot-free.

Mansa Devi,
Nakshatra NGO.


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